Dining Out For Life Press Release

Featuring Trotter Project's Derek Hull

Chicago, ILJanuary 23rd, 2018



WHAT: On April 26, 2018 TPAN (Test Positive Aware Network), with the support of up to 75 participating restaurants, is bringing Dining Out For Life back to Chicago after a three year absence. Dining Out For Life started in 1991 and is now an international fundraising event raising awareness and over $4.2 million in vital funds and for those affected by and vulnerable to HIV/AIDS.

According to Trotter Project Executive Director and Co-Founder Derrek Hull, “Restaurants play an essential role in shaping communities and neighborhoods across our city, and Chicago’s restaurants are in large part a cornerstone of our community giving back to their neighborhoods every day,” Hull, one of several leading executives serving on TPAN’S Dining Out For Life Planning Committee, added that, “In the same way, TPAN works tirelessly to positively impact Chicago’s HIV/AIDS community. I’m thrilled to work with TPAN to present this international campaign to Chicago.” Hull and TPAN hope to take full advantage of Chicago being named “The Best Restaurant City in America” by Conde Nast Traveler and “Restaurant City of the Year” by Bon Appétit to create excitement about this ambitious and worthwhile fundraising event.

WHO: Derrek Hull- Trotter Project Executive Director and Co-Founder.

TPAN serves a diverse community of living with or vulnerable to HIV, hepatitis C (HCV) and other related health conditions for over three decades. TPAN’s free services offer a safe haven that embraces self-empowerment and a non-judgmental philosophy of holistic care. TPAN’s staff and volunteers work together to meet clients’ needs, including access to treatment, prevention education, social support and medical care. Merrill Kenna, TPAN’s Director of Development, at (773) 989-9400 ext. 243 or m.kenna@tpan.com or Thom Bowers Project and Volunteers Coordinator at 773-632-5570 or t.bowers@tpan.com


"Restaurants play an essential role in shaping communities and neighborhoods across our city, and help create opportunities for people everywhere. Chicago’s restaurants are in large part the cornerstone of our community—going above and beyond in giving back to their local neighborhoods each and every day. Similarly, TPAN works tirelessly to positively impact Chicago’s HIV/AIDS community and those vulnerable to infection.

I’m thrilled TPAN has been selected to present this national campaign—Dining Out For Life—in Chicago. On behalf of the Chicago planning committee, TPAN leadership and staff, sponsors, elected officials, and the countless people supported by the mission to save lives and empower those affected by HIV/ADS and related illnesses, we gives thanks to the charitable work and commitment made by the enormously generous, dedicated, and hard working men and women in Chicago’s restaurant industry for their outstanding involvement in this year’s Dining Out For Life. We invite food lovers across Chicagoland to dine out at participating restaurants on April 26, 2018."


Merrill Kenna, Development Director
5537 N Broadway St
Chicago, IL 60640
Ph: (773) 989-9400