TPAN Update re. COVID-19 & Remote Services

As a leading provider of care and services for people living with and affected by HIV, TPAN safeguards the well-being and safety of our clients and community above all else.

We are the provider of care to hundreds of individuals living with HIV, including many older adults and individuals who live with additional health challenges that may make them more vulnerable. Whether you are a client, TPAN advocate supporter, or someone affected by HIV in Chicago, our foremost interest is your safety and health. 

During this critical time of community-wide efforts to minimize the potential spread of COVID-19, TPAN’s facility at 5537 N. Broadway in Chicago will be closed until June 15, pending further update. At that time, we will begin a phased return to on-site services. PLEASE CONTINUE TO CHECK TPAN.COM for updates.

The decision to close TPAN's facility and move to remote telehealth care was made out of an abundance of caution and in the goal of minimizing travel and potential exposure for our clients and staff. Our precautions are consistent with our partners and peer organizations and are in accordance with evolving guidance from our public health officials. However you may be affected by this closure and unfolding social distancing recommendations here in Chicago, you are not alone.

TPAN’s continues to provide care and services to our clients remotely. We are intent on minimizing the impact for the hundreds of people we serve. We are constantly monitoring the situation for updates that we share with our community – such as the best practices and resources for people living with HIV, published this week by our POSITIVELY AWARE team.

  • If you are a TPAN client currently enrolled in one of our programs, you will be contacted by one of our program staff to discuss remote care options and updates. 
  • If you are receiving care from us and have a question about an upcoming appointment or about ways to navigate this period, please reach out to your designated program contact by email or phone. 
  • If you are a community member with questions about health resources or referral to care, please visit our Contact TPAN webpage and complete the linked confidential form so we may vet and process your inquiry.

Our community knows how to rally in a crisis like this. We’ve been here before. We fought against stigma, inaction, and a lack of resources when HIV and AIDS first emerged. We will come through this challenge in the same way — with the resilience, vigilance, hard work, and care expertise that have made TPAN and Positively Aware important resources for thousands of people.

Thank you for your vigilance, support, and commitment to helping us protect the health and well-being of all our clients and community. 

Your TPAN Care Experts