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TPAN is powered by a community of volunteers who generously lend their time, dedication, and passion to extend our efforts—from our front desk to our Board of Directors. TPAN is grateful for each and every volunteer who assists our mission. We are proud to partner with corporations, universities, and talented individuals to improve the health and lives of the people we serve. Becoming part of the TPAN family is an exciting way for you and your company to give back.

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Positively Aware

TPAN is the only non-profit in the country to publish and distribute a nationally circulated HIV treatment and health magazine, Positively Aware (PA). PA brings critical education, health updates, and news to people affected by HIV and is free to all low-income persons living with HIV. Volunteers help distribute PA to tens of thousands of readers and subscribers, in a variety of ways. To learn more, tell us about your interest in PA distribution in our online FORM!


TPAN’s fundraising and community engagement efforts involve numerous events across the year, from programmatic events to our biggest fundraisers. Volunteers help generate care and services in our community through the Ride for Life Chicago, Dining Out For Life Chicago, or even through our POSITIVE NOTES program (perfect for your Pride alliance or corporate resource groups) and are essential to our year-round outreach. Let us know if you’re interested in volunteering pre-event, on-event, or joining a planning committee. To share interest in becoming an event volunteer, tell us about yourself in our online FORM

Prevention Outreach Volunteers

TPAN’s expert HIV prevention and education teams reach thousands of individuals through our Edgewater location and via mobile outreach/testing efforts across Chicago. Each year, we distribute more than 150,000 “smart sex” kits with important sexual health information to help people navigate risks and lead healthier lives. Our outreach efforts aren’t possible without the help of volunteer groups. Packets are assembled regularly (monthly at least) and volunteers help make this work possible.. Join an established time, or arrange a time with our prevention staff for your group to help. To assist our prevention staff, note your interest in our online FORM!

Client Advisory Board (CAB)

Members of the Client Advisory Board (CAB) assist TPAN in fulfilling its mission to provide effective and inclusive programs for those affected by HIV and related illnesses. CAB members discern and communicate emerging needs of TPAN's clients, providing input on the quality and efficacy of existing HIV-related services, and give voice to underserved needs.

CAB members will:

  • Meet four times a year, once per quarter
  • Discuss and review the results of the annual Client Satisfaction Survey—an anonymous evaluation that makes TPAN staff aware of needed improvements to programs and practices
  • Provide direct feedback regarding HIV services in their region
  • Collect and present the opinions of fellow clients regarding current programs and/or needs in programs

Questions about joining the CAB? Contact Lorraine.

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