We're ready to meet your behavioral health needs

Behavioral Health services at TPAN are affirming and strengths-based, designed for HIV-positive individuals and those vulnerable for HIV, 18 years of age and older, who are looking for compassionate support in dealing with a range of mental health and emotional issues.

Individual and Couples Therapy

Here for you

TPAN offers individual or couple therapy with licensed mental health professionals. We will encourage you to explore issues that are important to you such as trauma, stress, physical and emotional health, relationships, and substance use. Each session lasts one hour.


To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Julie Supple at 773-989-9400 x 240.

Empowering Positive Innovative Change (EPIC)

Building community

EPIC (Empowering Positive Innovative Change) is a holistic health program that offers an overnight retreat for individuals seeking community. The program serves those who are ready to learn and talk about issues related to mental health, trauma, relationships, spirituality, and stigma associated with HIV and gender identity. We welcome both HIV-positive and HIV-negative individuals to EPIC. EPIC is geared for young adults (18-29) African Americans, but we also cater retreat experiences to individuals over 30 regardless of race.


To learn more and enroll, contact Eric at (312) 887-1633 (text/call) or e.dyes@tpan.com 

Therapy Groups

Healing together

Licensed mental health professionals facilitate TPAN's therapy groups aim to increase your sense of connection to others facing similar issues and reduce isolation and loneliness. You will find that the process of listening to others, giving and receiving feedback, and sharing your story and support can be helpful and healing. Although the majority of our groups are open to people living with HIV, some are open to people without HIV as well.


To learn more about current groups, contact Christina at 773-989-9400 x 208 or c.joly@tpan.com.

Social Support Groups

Creating bonds through common interests

Through peer facilitation, you will connect with others who have similar interests and goals. In groups, you will discuss relevant topics, support one another, and foster connections and friendships. Individuals with HIV who are 18+ are welcome to attend.


To learn more about our social support groups, contact Christina Joly at 773-989-9400 x 208 or c.joly@tpan.com

Psychiatry Services

We're here to help

TPAN has an onsite psychiatrist who conducts psychiatric assessments and medication management for psychiatric medications. Open to individuals receiving individual or couples counseling services at TPAN.


To schedule an intake appointment, contact Jul at 773-989-9400 x240 or j.supple@tpan.com.