Behavioral Health
Receive counseling and therapeutic support

Behavioral Health services at TPAN are affirming and strengths-based, designed for HIV-positive individuals and those vulnerable for HIV, 18 years of age and older, who are looking for compassionate support in dealing with a range of mental health and emotional issues.

All services are provided at no cost. 

Individual and Couples Therapy

TPAN provides one-to-one or couples sessions with licensed mental health professional. Therapists encourage their clients to explore issues relevant to their lives, including—but not limited to—the processing of trauma, stress, physical and emotional health, relationships, and substance use. Sessions are one hour in length. 

To schedule an intake or appointment, contact Julie Supple at 773-989-9400 x 240.

Substance Use Counseling and Intervention

TPAN's EPIC (Empowering Positive Innovative Change) program provides participants with counseling to reduce substance use and vulnerability to HIV as well as access to treatment for co-existing behavioral health, HIV, and hepatitis conditions. Participants who are ready to address substance abuse issues will receive referrals to our program partners at Southwood Interventions and Haymarket Center. EPIC is open to African-American same gender loving men over the age of 18.

To learn more about EPIC, contact Darnell at (312) 887-1637 (text/call) or

Contact Darnell at (312) 887-1637 (text/call) or

Therapy Groups

TPAN's weekly therapy groups are facilitated by a licensed mental health professional that can help to increase feelings of connection and reduce isolation and loneliness. Participants are encouraged to share experiences with others who may be facing similar issues. The majority of our groups are open to any HIV-positive individual, ages 18+.

View our agency calendar for group schedules.

To schedule an intake or appointment, contact Christina Joly at 773-989-9400 x 208.

Social Support Groups

Facilitated by a peer mentor, participants gather with peers who share similar interests and goals. Groups involve discussions about relevant topics, giving and receiving support from one another, and forming bonds of friendship. Open to any HIV-positive individual, ages 18+. View our groups for more information.

To schedule an intake or appointment, contact Christina Joly at 773-989-9400 x 208.

Contact Christina Joly at 773-989-9400 x208.

Psychiatry Services

TPAN has an onsite psychiatrist who conducts psychiatric assessments and medication management for psychiatric medications. Open to individuals receiving individual or couples counseling services at TPAN.  

To schedule an intake appointment, contact Julie Supple, Dir. of Client Services, at 773-989-9400 x240.

Contact Julie Supple at 773-989-9400 x240.