Dining Out For Life Chicago 2019 - Eat, Drink, Give

Dining Out For Life is an annual dining fundraising event raising money for community-based organizations serving people living with or impacted by HIV. Spanning dozens of cities, Dining Out For Life involves countless dining patrons, thousands of participating restaurants, hard-working volunteers, and generous corporate sponsors. Here in CHICAGO, TPAN is the proud beneficiary and producer of our metro-area wide Dining Out for Life Chicago experience this April 25th. Participating restaurants are included in a broad marketing campaign that brings thousands of supporters - including many LGBT advocates, supporters of HIV care & services, and our allies - to the simple act of dining out to help deliver lifesaving healthcare.  

Save the date for Thursday, April 25, 2019.  CHECK OUT this sneak peek at our cover ad in the Jan. issue of Positively Aware magazine!

This year's Dining Out For Life Chicago will build upon our 2018 success, which had more than 60 incredible restaurants and bars (check them out here). We invite you and restaurants across our great city to be a part of this experience that empowers lives and celebrates the act of coming together to EAT, DRINK, GIVE, and END HIV.

Become a Dining Out For Life Restaurant

Restaurant, diners and food establishments are the heart of Dining Out For Life and the funds it generates to support TPAN's work in Chicago. If you would like your establishment to be involved, here's how!

Participants of Dining Out For Life agree to donate a predetermined amount or percentage of sales from Thursday, April 25th to benefit TPAN’s mission. Your restaurant's name and contact information become part of national and Chicago-area campaigns inviting the broad community of people who support HIV and LGBT-focused mission work to dine with you on the night of the big event! TPAN includes your restaurant in our email campaign to 14,000 subscribers in the Chicago metro-area as well as in our targeted outreach in digital and print media to tens of thousands of subscribers and readers. Restaurants may display TPAN-provided posters and promotional materials before the event, and your team members (servers, managers and other restaurant personnel) are provided with training support to help recognize the event with your customers. On April 25th, a TPAN volunteer Ambassador will be in each restaurant to help thank your guests, share information, answer questions, and as appropriate, invite contributions from patrons who wish to give. After the event, each restaurant makes their donation to TPAN based on sales of the evening or their predetermined amount. 

TPAN became the NEW beneficiary of Dining Out for Life in Chicago in 2018, yet we have more than three decades of experience in event production and powerful mission work. Our team will share your restaurant's name and information proudly in some of the most visible local media and channels in Chicago, including local TV, web, social media and print media. We want to celebrate your restaurant with our HIV-affected and LGBT communities - and across Chicago - to let all our neighbors know that you are part of the Dining Out For Life experience!

Get Involved!

Dining Out For Life Ambassadors
The Dining Out For Life Ambassador program is an excellent way to get involved in sharing TPAN's mission and message. If you enjoy thanking people, welcoming patrons and neighbors to a local restaurant, and helping inform guests that that their act of dining out helps save lives through TPAN, you're a perfect Ambassador! 
Each Ambassador is assigned to a participating restaurant to help represent TPAN and Dining Out For Life on April 25th, and each receives helpful, fun, and inspiring training to serve this important role in the Dining Out For Life experience and mission. 
Ambassadors also encourage friends, co-workers and family members to come to their designated restaurant on Dining Out For Life day. They will greet all restaurant patrons and visit tables to explain Dining Out For Life and answer questions about the event and TPAN. Ambassadors are also on hand to distribute Dining Out For Life materials upon request, invite donations, and lead and coordinate the collection of patrons' donations to relay to TPAN. 
Dining Out For Life Hosts
Being a Host for Dining Out For Life is a fun and easy way to be part of the experience. By the simple act of dining out with your family and friends (and colleagues, neighbors, clients, or any family of choice!), you help advance the lifesaving work of TPAN!
Hosts simply commit to dining out on April 25th (easy!), sharing Dining Out For Life in your social media and networks, and inviting all your friends to join you in the fun of dining and drinking at some of Chicago's best restaurants! Each Host will each select a participating restaurant and organize a group (or groups) of people to join you at their location on the night of the event.  Do you like dining out with friends? Why not make that act a force for life-changing care and services right here in Chicago!  Click above to sign up as a Host today!

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Make a Direct Donation

Dining Out For Life is made possible by the generous support of:
TPAN Subaru of America
Not in the Chicago area? Check out national Dining Out For Life to find a city nearest you!