Living with HIV
We are here for you

TPAN was founded in 1987 at the height of the AIDS epidemic—we have been committed to serving the HIV-positive community since day one.

From this legacy, TPAN has developed a unique set of services for those living with HIV—assistance accessing medication, one-on-one and group counseling, case management, and housing assistance. Whether you are newly diagnosed, have been living with HIV for years, or are helping a loved one manage their care, TPAN offers a variety of services to support you in your journey to healthful living.

Case Management Services

Empowering our clients to live full, independent lives

Clients collaborate with case managers on service plans that address health goals and assist with applying for benefits, accessing emergency funds, identifying medical and social service needs, and facilitating appropriate referrals. If you need case management please call the AIDS Foundation of Chicago at 312-922-2322 to request services. You may request TPAN as your preferred agency.

Case managers at TPAN help people living with HIV obtain:

  • medical care
  • legal services
  • child- and respite-care
  • public benefits
  • housing options
  • support programs
  • substance abuse and mental health treatments
  • additional services through special programs
For more information about Case Management, contact Jose Lopez at 773-989-9400 x272.

Retention Services

Connecting you to care

Retention Services provides the linkage and follow up for clients who are newly diagnosed with HIV or those who have fallen out of care. Staying in care is fundamental to limiting new HIV transmissions. Our retention program is TPAN's effort to ensure that all of those who test HIV positive are linked to care as soon as possible. Staff monitor whether or not clients are going to the doctor regularly and taking their medications. Enrolled participants are also helped to enroll in other programs and services.
Enrolled clients receive assistance with:
* Finding an HIV doctor
* Paying for HIV medications and/or enrollment in the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)  program
* HIV prevention information
* Information on sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
* Mental health and substance abuse services
* Enrolling in dental care and nutrition services
For more information, contact Jose Lopez at 773-989-9400 x272.
For more information about Retention Services, contact Jose Lopez at 773-989-9400 x272.

Housing Assistance


TPAN’s housing navigation program helps Chicagoans living with HIV/AIDS to find and maintain safe, stable, and affordable residency. Our housing specialist assists with housing applicants and re-applications, and works with you to create goal-driven plans to remain housed.

How we help:

Our housing specialist’s primary responsibility is helping you attain reliable housing. Housing assistance takes 3 forms:

  • We help by completing housing applications and re-applications, advocating on your behalf, and working to create goal-driven plans to remain housed
  • We provide crisis prevention and intervention services to homeless and unstably housed and homeless individuals living with HIV/AIDS in Chicago by helping them to access mainstream resources and benefits
  • We create greater accessibility to long-term housing options to strengthen housing stability and health outcomes through the identification of additional housing resources

What program is right for you?

Housing Referrals:
TPAN's housing specialist can assist those who are unstably housed with finding subsidized housing through Chicago House and AIDS Foundation of Chicago

Emergency Assistance Program (EAP):
Emergency assistance is available to low income individuals and families requesting immediate, temporary financial assistance with an incurred expense. EAP is a $250 maximum payment for an essential service, including rent, utilities, or a necessary appliance. Proof of bill or payment required. Client may only apply for EAP once every 12 months.

Housing and Utility Assistance:
Housing and utility assistance is available as a single payment to landlord or utility company. Approved requests may pay for one utility bill and/or security deposit or first month’s rent. Clients may only apply once every 12 months.

Short-Term Residency (Housing Assistance Program, HAP):
Short-term support is made available to mortgagors, as bi-monthly payments to cover mortgage and utility costs. Approved clients receive assistance for 1 year and may reapply annually. Clients may apply once every 12 months.

Long-Term Rental Subsidies (LTRS):
Long-term support is available to clients as reoccurring payments to a landlord to cover rent. TPAN can help clients find subsidized units, or apply for subsidies that can be applied to a currently-occupied unit. Long-term subsidy recipients are required to pay an adjusted portion of their income towards rental costs. Approved clients receive assistance 12 months per year with no definite ending period as long as he/she qualifies.

Who is eligible?

TPAN is able to serve those who:

  • Are HIV-positive and the head of household
  • Can provide proof of household income, of any amount
  • Live in a unit with a mortgage or rent payment at or below fair market value
  • Complete the TPAN in-take process

Long- and short-term rental subsidies are made available on an as-needed basis. Subsidies are disbursed to households earning less than 30 percent of the area’s annual median income.

For more information about our housing program, contact Fonzie at 773-989-9400.

Legal Assistance Clinic

Legal Days at TPAN

TPAN hosts weekly one-on-one legal assistance sessions with an on-site representative from The Legal Council of Health Justice (formerly AIDS Legal Council of Chicago). TPAN clients have the opportunity to speak with lawyer one-on-one about specific, immediate needs and receive appropriate referrals. These sessions are available on Thursday, 1 - 5 PM.

Clients can receive assistance with:

legal questions
discrimination or mistreatment regarding HIV status
social security
estate planning
signing up for further services at the Council

Legal assistance is available Thursdays 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Appointments are preferred, but walk-in clients can be seen if there is availability.

Visit the Legal Council's website for resources concerning AIDS-related laws, and to request assistance if you or someone you know has been discriminated against for your HIV status. 

To schedule an appointment at TPAN, contact Marina Kurakin, 312-605-1982 or 

Group Support


Looking to find your community? Whether you're searching for peer support or a therapeutic program facilitated by a licensed counselor, TPAN hosts a group meeting that will fit your goals and experience. Our groups provide community, information, perspective, and resources for those living with HIV.

TPAN hosts specific groups for:

  • long-term survivors
  • newly diagnosed
  • HIV-positive Men over 45
  • HIV-positive Women
  • HIV-positive African American Men
  • young HIV-positive men
  • recovering substance users
  • aspiring artists
  • those looking to better understand their diagnosis

Groups meet regularly at TPAN's offices. To learn more about TPAN's group support for those living with HIV, review our full list of groups or contact Christina Joly, 773-989-9400 x 208

For more information about our groups, contact Christina at 773-989-9400 x 208.