The anti-stigma campaign of POSITIVELY AWARE

A Day with HIV - Take your best shot

Take your best shot against stigma

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Share the everyday moments in extraordinary lives with a new book of select pictures from A Day with HIV!

We’re all affected by HIV and the stigma associated with it. That’s the message behind Positively Aware’s anti-stigma campaign. Every year in September, A Day with HIV captures a single 24-hour period as people across the country and around the globe capture a moment of their day and share their story on social media. A new 36-page book of select images from A Day with HIV 2017 is available—as a downloadable digital edition or pre-order the print edition for shipping in January 2018.

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Pre-orders for the book will soon be taken. Purchase a book for $19.95 per copy, plus $3.50 for shipping and handling. Book to be released January 2018.


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