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We’re all affected by HIV and the stigma associated with it. That’s the message behind Positively Aware’s anti-stigma campaign. Every year in September, A Day with HIV captures a single 24-hour period as people across the country and around the globe capture a moment of their day and share their story on social media. A new 36-page book of select images from A Day with HIV 2017 is available—as a downloadable digital edition or pre-order the print edition for shipping in January 2018.

Get your copy of A Day with HIV: Everyday Moments in Extraordinary Lives:

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Congratulations to A Day with HIV named to Healthline's 2017 HIV Honors!

Congratulations to PositivelyAware’s A Day with HIV anti-stigma campaign for being named to the 2017 Healthline HIV Influencer Honors list!

The #HIVHonors list is released around World AIDS Day and recognizes the campaigns, nonprofits, and advocates who made a difference the past year in the world of HIV/AIDS. HIV-positive activist Josh Robbins nominated A Day with HIV. Robbins has participated in A Day with HIV for several years since the annual campaign’s start in 2010.  

Held in September, A Day with HIV uses pictures to capture a single 24-hour period in the lives of people affected by HIV stigma. The campaign is open to everyone: participants take a snapshot of their day, posting to their social media the picture with the time and location, and what inspired them to take the photo. The photos and stories behind them are often personal and compelling.

Congratulations to #ADaywithHIV, and to the hundreds of people around the world who have taken part, sharing their stories to fight stigma.