Chicago's Sexiest Fundraiser

Barlesque is TPAN’s sexy, online strip-a-thon fundraiser.  Each fall, local businesses compete to see which of their contestants can raise the most money in this month-long fundraising challenge. Since its inception in 2008, Barlesque has raised over $340,000!

Barlesque upholds TPAN’s sex-positive philosophy: sex should be celebrated as an enjoyable part of life. TPAN prides itself on providing non-judgmental information and harm reduction resources to those looking to stay safe while enjoying their sexuality.

TPAN Barlesque Khloe
Photo: KJ Heath

Help us promote sex-positivity and care for our fellow Chicagoans. One hundred percent of Barlesque donations remain in Chicago and ensures TPAN continues its work.

View the photos and contestants from 2016’s Barlesque 9. If you’re interested in participating in Barlesque 10, in November 2017, contact us at 773-989-9400 x230 or