TEAM is a quarterly in-house peer-led treatment education program focusing on the successful management of HIV. TEAM provides a safe, supportive, and structured environment in which participants can learn and leverage their experiences for healthy futures. The TEAM curriculum is 10-hours, offered over the course of three days. The core components are in tune with the physical, medical, and emotional needs of HIV-positive individuals today.
Everyone can learn something from participating in TEAM. The curriculum is especially beneficial for newly diagnosed and long-term survivors. Participants should be HIV+, 18+, and able to attend all 3 sessions. 
A sampling of the curriculum:

What is HIV/AIDS?, HIV Statistics, HIV Lifecycle, Reading Lab Report, Effects of HIV on the Immune System, Opportunistic Infections

HIV Testing, PrEP, HIV Medications, Medication Adherence, You and Your Doctor, Complementary Health Approaches

Mental Health Considerations, Case Management, Healthy Living with HIV, STIs: Transmission, Prevention & Treatment

Repeats every week, on Wednesday until Wed, Aug 23, 2017.