Knowledge is power. And the knowledge that you are part of a connected community can give you strength. TPAN’s TEAM program empowers people living with HIV to: understand the basic science behind HIV infection; find/continue conscientious health care and begin/continue effective treatment; manage the infection and prevent secondary infection; explore personal issues surrounding HIV such as stigma and disclosure; and become advocates for self and/or community. 

TEAM has been adapted and updated and is now delivered in person in a safe, supportive enviornment. The core components are in tune with the physical, medical, and emotional needs of HIV-positive individuals today. Best of all, TEAM is fun!

Everyone can learn something from participating in TEAM. The curriculum is beneficial for newly diagnosed and long-term survivors as well as everyone in between! 

Participants must be living with HIV, 18+, and able to attend all sessions. Registration Required.

A sampling of the curriculum:


*  What is HIV/AIDS?, HIV Statistics, HIV Lifecycle, Reading Lab Report, Effects of HIV on the Immune System, Opportunistic Infections

*  HIV Medications, PrEP, Medication Adherence, You and Your Doctor, Complementary Health Approaches

*  Explorations of Disclosure and Stigma, Mental Health Considerations, Healthy Living with HIV, STIs: Transmission, Prevention & Treatment