Knowledge is power. And the knowledge that you are part of a connected community can give you strength. TPAN’s TEAM program empowers people living with HIV to: understand the basic science behind HIV infection; find/continue conscientious health care and begin/continue effective treatment; manage the infection and prevent secondary infection; explore personal issues surrounding HIV such as stigma and disclosure; and become advocates for self and/or community. 

TEAM has been adapted and updated to create an online environment that is safe, supportive, and connected to you. The core components are in tune with the physical, medical, and emotional needs of HIV-positive individuals today. Best of all, TEAM is fun!

Everyone can learn something from participating in TEAM. The curriculum is beneficial for newly diagnosed and long-term survivors as well as everyone in between! 

Participants must be living with HIV, 18+, and able to attend all sessions. Registration Required.

A sampling of the curriculum:


*  What is HIV/AIDS?, HIV Statistics, HIV Lifecycle, Reading Lab Report, Effects of HIV on the Immune System, Opportunistic Infections

*  HIV Medications, PrEP, Medication Adherence, You and Your Doctor, Complementary Health Approaches

*  Explorations of Disclosure and Stigma, Mental Health Considerations, Healthy Living with HIV, STIs: Transmission, Prevention & Treatment

To learn more and to register:

Contact Joshua Gutierrez, Prevention & Health Education Manager, at 773-989-9400 Ext 269 or or Curtis Hardman, Treatment Educator, at 773-989-9400 ex 282 or