HOPE (Healthy Outcomes through Prevention and Education) is TPAN’s newest health and wellness program for same-gender-loving people who identify as male, ages 18-24. We discuss important topics such as mental health, HIV, spirituality, and how to keep ourselves safe and sane during these challenging times.

Our next HOPE group will begin on Tuesday, Nov. 10th at TPAN’s offices (5537 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL). Because of COVID-19 safety guidelines, we are limiting the group to 6 people.

Program incentives include:
  • $15 Gift Card upon Intake
  • $25 Gift Card upon Graduation and $100 gift package
  • $15 Gift Card upon completion of 3-month Follow-Up
  • Uber rides to travel to and from TPAN
To learn more and enroll, contact: Kendall at 773-989-9400 ext 273.