Vivent Health/TPAN recently hosted a workshop on xylazine (also known as tranq) as part of our free community workshops series. We aim to keep ourselves and our community informed about public health issues that impact us all. You can support our efforts by sharing the Xylazine 101 video with your friends, colleagues, and community members and by making a donation to support our mission.

Fentanyl trafficked with xylazine has risen significantly in recent years. This mixture increases overdose risk. Since 2019, xylazine deaths have increased dramatically in Illinois. After viewing, you will better understand the signs of xylazine exposure, how you can help in an xylazine overdose emergency, and what Chicago is doing about the xylazine issue.

Workshop panelists for Xylazine 101 included Vanessa Cortez, Pharmacist, (Walgreens), Michael Huyck DNP, FNP (University of Illinois, Mile Square, Substance Use Disorder Integrated Care Team), and Taylor Wood, Drug Checking Technician (Chicago Recovery Alliance).

Presentation slides:

Vanessa Cortez: Xylazine Pharmacology 101

Michael Huyck: Xylazine Wounds and People Who Inject Drugs

Taylor Wood: Drug Checking Xylazine

Miao Hua, MD, PhD: Xylazine and Harm Reduction in Chicago