TPAN honors Meg & Fred Valentini

Recipients of the 2019 Ride for Life Award

TPAN honors Meg & Fred Valentini with the 2019 Ride for Life Award
Chicago, ILAugust 20th, 2019

TPAN each year recognizes a special individual or contributor who has given selflessly to advance our mission and demonstrates all that TPAN and the Ride for Life Chicago embody in our shared goal to positively impact the lives of the people we serve. We are proud to announce this year’s honorees and recipients of the 2019 Ride for Life Award:

Meg & Fred Valentini

2019 Ride for Life Chicago Award Honorees

Meg and Fred Valentini have each impacted the mission of TPAN in profound ways. They joined the Ride for AIDS more than 8 years ago to support the LGBTQ young people and TPAN clients whose lived experiences inspired their compassion and service from a very personal angle. For years, Meg worked as a nurse in hospice care and helped countless gay men navigate their end-of-life journey during the height of the AIDS epidemic. As loving parents of a gay son, they were inspired to give back in a meaningful way and ensure that other young and LGBTQ people in Chicago would know the love, compassion, and care that everyone deserves – that which TPAN provides to our clients every day.

Both Meg and Fred have served on TPAN’s Board of Directors, remain generous supporters, and as Advocate Circle members, have championed TPAN’s work through what is today known as the Ride for Life Chicago. As allies, PFLAG leaders, and surrogate parent figures to so many Ride for Life volunteers, Meg and Fred possess a generosity that has touched many lives.

Each year, they ride the miles and have crossed every finish line on a tandem bicycle. That teamwork is a metaphor for their own partnership and how they work together in service to others. “We’re so proud to honor Meg and Fred in this way. They inspire us all to reach higher, do better and love more. They have been extraordinary champions of TPAN’s mission,” said TPAN CEO Christopher Clark

TPAN Board Member and longtime Ride for Life volunteer leader Sue Broverman said, "Meg and Fred were always more than just Ride participants - for all of us, they are the unofficial "mom and dad" of our Ride family.  Their warmth and support is infectious - and just seeing them out on the road fills you with joy. That caring has translated into so much support for TPAN's mission."

Reflecting on why they have remained so committed, Fred Valentini said, "I heard the statistic today that 40% of homeless youth are LGBT in this country, and it’s heartbreaking to think that families and communities still turn their backs on our young people. TPAN is a place that gives them something to hold on to. They have amazing programs and people who are so passionate about what they do. As parents, it's part of why we get back on the bike each year."  Meg Valentini said, "We've been so embraced by the people on the Ride. They've been like extended family. And you hear such incredible stories from riders, they're the ones who inspire us. We are blown away by this honor."

Please join us in celebrating Meg and Fred's service, generosity, and example to all with your presence and support! Join the Ride for Life Chicago’s Closing Ceremonies on September 8th (5PM) to help us honor Meg and Fred Valentini with the 2019 Ride for Life Award. 

Help Meg and Fred expand their impact with an honorary gift in their name.

Read their story and give through their personal Ride for Life page to help us carry their legacy and TPAN’s mission forward to serve more LGBT and HIV-affected individuals in Chicago. Visit


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