TPAN Launches Paws N Effect

TPAN launches a new program with an innovative approach to healing for people living with HIV

Paws N Effect at TPAN
Chicago, ILApril 6th, 2019

TPAN is proud to launch Paws N’ Effect – a one-of-a-kind partnership with Felines & Canines and Fred Says –  to innovate how we address mental health and treatment adherence challenges for people living with HIV. 

This unprecedented project will pair loving dogs in need of homes with clients struggling with the challenges of isolation, depression, and adherence to HIV treatment. The program is a non-traditional approach to care. Through the simple yet profound connection between our clients and carefully placed rescue dogs, in combination with structured support and donated services, TPAN aims to dramatically impact the ways in which our clients feel, function, and engage in their care. 

Paws N Effect is more than a program, service, or intervention. It is a unique experience toward healing and the enrichment of lives affected by HIV. As described by Julie Supple, TPAN’s Director of Client Services and program co-creator, “The power and magnitude of loving and caring for a dog is why Paws N’ Effect is so important. It will give our clients the ability to adopt a dog in need of a home and see how that relationship will likely change their lives forever and for the better.”

TPAN will evaluate the experiences of our clients during the pilot year and look for ways to expand this program. CEO Christopher Clark says, “We believe Paws N Effect can be expanded and replicated for people living with HIV in Chicago and elsewhere.” 

To learn more about Paws N Effect, or to find out if you may qualify as a client, please visit

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Julie Supple
Director of Client Services
5537 N Broadway St
Chicago, IL 60640
Ph: (773) 989-9400