What to expect when you arrive for your scheduled appointment

TPAN - responding to COVID-19

Your safety is our first priority. If you have a scheduled appointment to see a TPAN care provider, you will experience our Wellness Screening process and be provided with required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) upon your visit.

  • When you arrive at TPAN for your scheduled appointment, please prepare to go through TPAN’s Wellness Screening Station/Tent, which is located in front of the building entrance. At that time, a TPAN staff member will administer a brief health questionnaire.
  • To ensure staff and client safety, all clients and staff will be expected to wear a PPE mask at all times while in the building. Please note that this is for your safety and the safety of others.
  • Masks will be provided for you as part of the Wellness Screening process. You will be given a mask upon entry to TPAN.

Unsure about scheduling or our on-site vs. remote care options? See our most current update here.

Best ways to practice safe distancing and self-care during your visit

Our TPAN team is here to guide you through your care visit, with PPE, welcome staff, and wellness screening. Before you arrive for a scheduled appointment, explore these links (click on the images below) to learn more about how and why we’ve implemented safety protocols at TPAN! 

We thank the Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce for these graphics!