Thinking about starting HIV treatment?

Current HIV treatment—referred to as antiretroviral therapy (ART)—is powerful and easy to take. While there is no cure for HIV, people diagnosed with HIV have many treatment options, including one-pill-a-day therapies. With therapy, progression to AIDS may be halted and life expectancy can reach that of the general population. New medications are being approved by the FDA regularly. Review Positively Aware’s HIV Drug Guide for the most recent information about HIV medications.

We recommend these steps for living with HIV:

Get into Care

TPAN’s staff can help you find an HIV or infectious disease specialist, access medication, and determine a medical care plan that fits your lifestyle. 

Start Treatment Early

People are best able to maintain their health by beginning HIV treatment as soon as possible after being diagnosed. No matter how healthy a person is, therapy ensures that the person stays healthy and that further damage to the body is avoided. TPAN is able to link you to care and HIV medications as soon as you are diagnosed. Contact TPAN’s case management staff to begin treatment.

Adhere to your HIV Treatment 

To be effective, HIV therapy should be taken as prescribed. Taking your medication every day reduces the virus’s ability to replicate throughout your body—with the goal of suppressing the virus to undetectable levels. Missing doses or stopping treatment can allow HIV to become drug resistant, meaning certain medications no longer reduce the strength and spread of the virus. TPAN’s staff can discuss treatment options that work for your lifestyle.

Connect to an HIV Support System

All too often, people living with HIV face stigma or feelings of isolation related to their HIV status. Remember: you are not alone. Find support by joining our community of individuals with similar lifestyles or who have faced challenges similar to your own. TPAN hosts an array of therapeutic and social support groups for those living with HIV.